Shaving Gel Not Coming Out of Can

Shaving Gel Not Dispensing | Spray Can Losing Pressure

What to do when shaving gel stop dispensing?

This generally happens when you have not used the can for long and one fine day you try to use it but it will just not come out.

You keep pressing but gel would not come out. If you shake the can you can feel something inside. So at least the can is not empty.

Can is closed so there no option to open it.

You can only remove the top cap by hand and see for yourself if its opening is clogged or not.

If no nozzle clogging then only one option is available and that is to cut open the can.

You can cut it open from middle but beware of sharp edges after cutting. Once cut you need to pull the pouch.

You need to apply some force to get it out. This is how the pouch looks like.

Shaving Gel No Pressure
Shaving GEL Pouch

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