My Keyboard Keys Typing Wrong Characters

My keyboard | My Computer Keyboard is Typing Wrong Symbols

How to fix Keyboard When if is Typing Wrong Letters | How to Fix keyboard Language | How to Change Keyboard Symbols

Computer Keyboard is a input device which is used along with the Mouse/Touch pad to communicate with computer. Have you ever imagined how vital components are these in a computer system? Imagine if one of them goes wrong. Thanks to technology that the keyboard is one of the most robust components in a computer system.

What is Wrong with my keyboard

Computer keyboard rarely goes faulty however there are some scenarios which can be attributed as keyboard typing problem and some of them are:

  • keyboard starts typing wrong characters.
  • keyboard typing in different language

This happens because of wrong language settings in windows control panel. You can check language settings in Windows based computers as follows.

For older Windows Computer

Go to Settings>>Control Panel>> Regional and Language Options>> Details>> Settings.

In Windows 10 Computers

  • Type settings in Type here to search
  • In Settings click Time and Language
  • Click Region and Language in left sidebar
  • Now Click Windows display Language (This will open sub options)
  • Click Options
  • Check under keyboards
  • If different click to remove it
  • Click Add a Keyboard
  • Add keyboard as per your choice

Select correct keyboard language here. If still the keyboard is typing wrong characters which is very unlikely then we need to check by connecting and external keyboard. The external keyboard works fine then the to fix the keyboard you need to replace keyboard

If external keyboard also show same behavior then motherboard need to be replaced.

In case there is no external keyboard available then you can try reinstalling the keyboard drivers.

Reinstalling Driver Software Microsoft Windows

  • Open Device Manager, In Type Here to Search, input Device Manager, press Enter
  • Click arrow before Keyboards, It will show “Standard PS/2 Keyboard”
  • Right Click “Standard PS/2 Keyboard”
  • Click Uninstall Device, this will Remove Keyboard Entry
  • Restart Windows, driver software will be reinstalled automatically

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