Laptop Not Charging

Laptop Not Charging | Plugged in Not Charging | Laptop Battery

Laptop Battery holds standby power that is used to power laptops in the absence of AC power supply. Many people complain about laptop battery life.

A laptop battery is a consumable item which loses efficiency with time ans usage. This is the reason that batteries come with one year warranty.

A battery contain cells. So there are batteries with number of cells mentioned (4-cell battery, 6-cell battery, etc.). Generally there are 4-9 cell batteries which are more widely used. More the number of cells in laptop battery more is the power backup for laptop. Lithium ion batteries are widely used in laptops.

What to do when laptop battery not charging

Swap AC adapter

Most of the times this happens because of the AC Power adapter. So first of all try swapping the AC power adapter with the known good AC power adapter.

If known good AC power adapter charges laptop battery fine then the AC power adapter needs to be replaced.

Also you can check your AC power adapter on some known good system.

Swap Laptop battery

The easiest way to check this is to do two-way swap. Put a working known good laptop battery in your system (nowadays it is not difficult to arrange one as everybody has laptop computers). If the known good laptop battery works fine then the issue is with the battery.

However just to be sure put your non-working laptop battery in a known good computer. This will make sure that the issue is in fact with the battery and therefore needs replacement.

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