Laptop Charger not Charging

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Laptop Charger Not Working

What is AC adapter?

AC adapter is a device that converts the higher input voltage to lower output voltage. The converted output voltage is as per the needs of the device to which you connect the AC adapter.

All laptops comes with an AC adapter (PC Charger). You may have experienced the scenarios wherein the laptop battery charger not working, PC charger not working.

Why is my charger not charging my laptop, computer wont charge when plugged in. These are some questions that arise when things suddenly stopped working. Keep cool and try some very simple steps.

Many times it has been found that the issue was with the AC adapter. So how do you know that your charger not charging laptop and how to fix.

You need to check with spare laptop battery charger. Nowadays you can procure replacement charger easily from friends, if one is not available with you. So here is the procedure which is know as two-way swap to check the functionality of the laptop battery charger.

Connect working laptop charger to your laptop computer. If it works then the plugged in not charging issue is with your AC adapter. Now the other part of two-way swap. Connect your laptop charger to the working computer. This will verify that the issue is in fact with the AC adapter and nothing else.

You should be now sure whether you need to purchase the replacement AC adapter or not.

If you are still unsure please let us know. We will be obliged to help you out.

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