My System is Not Booting

Computer Will Not Boot Up

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Laptop Booting Problem is one of those computer issues that can drive you crazy.

The most frustrating scenario in laptop malfunctions is when the computer fails to boot, laptop wont start. My laptop wont start up! Well when this happens then you need to keep cool and check for the source of error. The issue could be No Video, No Post, No Power.

First of all we need to isolate in which category, mentioned above, does our computer will not boot issue fall. You need to check few things to correctly isolate the computer not booting problem.

What happens when you press the power button?

  • Does any of the Laptop lights comes on?
  • Computer does not boot?
  • Laptop does not start?

No Power

If no laptop lights (Power LED, Hard drive activity LED, etc.) is lit. In this case the issue could be with the AC adapter or motherboard.

Remove battery from the computer, disconnect AC adapter and PRESS and HOLD the power button for ten seconds. This way we are releasing the static charge build-up.

Sometime static build up happens because of which computer fails to power on. Reconnect AC adapter and battery. If still no activity then Click here to check the further troubleshooting steps in this case.

No Video

Laptop light LEDs are lit but there is no display on the LCD screen. Click here to check the further troubleshooting steps in this case.

No Post

If laptop light LEDs are lit for few seconds and then the laptop turns off. Laptop computer gets stuck at POST screen( Initial black screen with white progress bar, my laptop wont start up just a black screen). There could be many reasons for this laptop starting problem and we need to isolate computer will not boot problem one by one.

1) Re seat all external peripherals which you can (Printers, Scanner, USB devices, etc.) and CRU’s (Customer replaceable units) such as battery, DVD drive, hard drive, etc. You can check for CRU list from laptop service manual which is readily available on manufacturers website.

Note: Please check laptop service manual before doing this work and do not proceed if you are not comfortable in doing this.

2) If laptop will not boot up then remove all external peripherals and the CRU’s except hard drive and memory. Does the laptop boot? If yes then you need to check one by one for faulty component to isolate laptop not starting up problem. Connect one component at a time.

3) If still laptop will not boot then take out the memory module(s) and put one module ( If the system is having more than one memory module ) in the any of the two memory sockets .

Then restart the system , verify whether the computer not booting issue persists. Again put the same memory module in the other socket and verify whether the computer not booting up.

If laptop will not boot then take out the first memory module from the system and put the other memory module in any of the memory socket and repeat the same procedure as that of the first memory module .

Also attach a know good memory module from some other system, if available and verify whether system is not booting with the known good memory module.

Many times issue has been found with either the memory or the memory socket on the motherboard. If laptop booting problem persists by swapping memory modules and testing with known-good memory module then most probably motherboard has gone bad and therefore needs replacement.

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