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There are plenty of laptops available in the market. Laptops can be classified in various categories such as general purpose, office use, home use, gaming laptops etc.

When you decide to purchase a laptop then you should be clear for the purpose you want to purchase a laptop.

Gaming laptops are generally expensive than the rest. If you are not interested in gaming then there is no point in spending money on fancy gaming laptops.

When buying gaming laptop you should look for:

Games Minimum System Requirements
Games Recommended System Requirements

You can find gaming laptop requirements with the game.

Things a Gaming Laptop Needs

Good gaming laptops, best gaming laptops require powerful processor and good performance graphics card.


All tasks in computer go through processor. It is like heart that keeps everything going. whatever you do on your computer it goes through processor.

Graphics Card

What if processor gets a helper who can offload processor of load. A separate graphics card in gaming laptop can serves this purpose thereby relieving processor to do other tasks at hand.


You should also pay attention to system memory in gaming laptop. More the gaming laptop memory better will be the performance of gaming computer laptop.

You can imagine the importance of memory from smartphones. Why do you buy smartphones with more internal memory, same goes true for laptop memory.

Screen Size of Laptop

16-17 inch of screen size is generally recommended for gaming laptops


High end gaming laptop drains power. Consider buying gaming laptop with more laptop battery power capacity.

Whatever is your requirement affordable or high end, these are basic buying guidelines. Remember the purpose of computer you are buying.

A high price is not always good but right laptop configuration makes the difference.

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